Monday, June 25, 2012


In your absence I became a pale shadow of who I once was. I feel and watch my mind wrinkle and die.
If I could dream of you while I lay upon a rainbow
Perhaps you’d spill over from one dream onto my pillow.

But I’ve become a prisoner shackled to your absence,
Stripped of freedom, I’m a slave to my own sense
Dreaming with a broken heart. I’ve tried to heal the Pain, but a heart never breaks even. I barely breathe,

When my heart wakes up to missing you, I guess I was Never ready for goodbye. Even if I was, I’d hold on to us
I’d still believe in the nights we dreamed and shared
When you held my hand in sweet confidence and cared.

What do I do with the emotions that burnout after you,
I hoped in time you’d trust that my intentions are true,
But you allowed these hopes to build up only to close in on me. I tried to be strong but I am trapped now that you gone.

You still are all I am every moment I look into your eyes on my wall
I guess I forgot how to live without you. A lonely tear may fall
And sounds stop for more than a moment so now I drown all my misery in alcohol
I am trapped without you my mate and my better so

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