Monday, June 25, 2012


I have reasons why i want to see you everyday
To pray that the wind will bring you my way
Even though it might just be your essence in the air
I have reasons why i need to hold you close my dear
To always remain delightfully close to nimble at your ear

I have reasons to converse with you till the sunrise
To lay restlessly waiting for you my sweet surprise
Even if  we just have to say hello
I have reasons to scream your name into the night
You say I'm crazy, i say the feelings are just right

I have reasons that ignite me like a fire when we kiss
Why the fusion of our lips is an ethereal bliss
Even if it be a kiss bereft of a tomorrow
I have reasons why my love is an ocean of never ending depth
Your presence, in thought or entity takes away my breath

I have reasons for feeling the way i feel
A life, a day, even a moment without you couldn't be real
I found you and i found happiness
I love who you are, its who i am
I have reasons because i have you
My pray is that you feel the way i do

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