Monday, June 25, 2012


Blessed are they who shall die from suicide
Maybe life is better on the other side,
Pour out some liquor for Adam and Eve,
Who to whom we owe the gift of death so why grieve,
Death is such a beautiful thing ask the man above,                                                                    
Ask the woman whose been battered and bruised in the name of love,
Polish your pistols because I'm suicidal don't shed me no tear,
Overdose of  hell while drinking liquor when I lay here,
Take a look picture a man on his last stand,
If i die tonight not a single soul would understand,
I'm sick of this psychotic society and waiting for a hero save me,
Oh well who cares perhaps God will have time to set me free ,
So I relocate to the cemetery maybe love will show up at my funeral,
How long will they mourn me? my life will just be another numeral,

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