Monday, June 25, 2012


Like an abortion in the toilet pit
My sight disgusts them all they want to do is spit
The moon is full and cold winds blow so i howl like the wolves
Doors shut in my face when i try and fit-in i guess folks changed the rules
Now how can i be positive when life feels like a set-up
I can't seed anything, i was underhanded, i bought a swamp
If its hard being a man of color in this psychotic society
It doesn't get any easier living on a spirit crippled by anxiety
When will this misery end? Sometimes i just want to fly away
Perhaps the misery will end me someone already sent a bouquet
When the curtain closes my sins i will have to atone
Dear God can you hear me? are you there or you are already gone
Uggh, i drove to the cliff last night i was ready to die
Overdosed on something but i stood there all i could do is cry
I wish you were here, you would know what to say or do
You've been gone a while now, i heard you are now grave's stew
Curse the night i was conceived i'm not angry at God i'm just bitter
Oh well who worries about heaven or hell when they're not begging for their life either
Don't ask me to apologize for what i say, how can I
No one wanted to understand how i felt, everyone turned a blind eye
So you seat on high tables and judge whether i'm right or wrong
I'm not listening, middle finger up you can keep walking along
I suppose when you die that's when you start living
People begin to miss you and in their minds you'll be still breathing
Can't dream of a better day than when i lay in my casket
Black suit, white shirt, black tie, looking like meat in a basket
It will rain on that day as my words echo over the distant drum
If the rain don't stop, you can bury me in a slum
These are my words

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