Monday, June 25, 2012


You are a rose that budded slowly from a concrete world.
Darker might be your petals,
Because the world you come from is hard, no need to be told.
But deeper are your roots.
So unlike the rose from rosarians, you will live longer,
Your beauty shall never fade,
For your roots will always find the waters to quench your life.
So keep your head up.Don't be afraid.
Remember that thorns on a rose, like the petals,
And the scent on it,
In no way less make the beautiful essence of a rose too.
So keep your head up, you still precious.
You neither an artificial rose, because you are not man-made.
You are natural because nature is you.
Dry your eyes, don't waste the precious waters that refresh your beauty.
Remember, the little working ant seeks your shade
So keep your head up.

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