Monday, June 25, 2012


She is amzing and loves in all that she does
Ever strong with her inborn love. In all she does,
She rejuvinates hope to life and everything is set right.
She is the pillar from which the family finds support and light.
Her love seasons all tension between with amazing care,
Those wrinkled expressions are proof of burdens she has had to bare,
There is true beauty in her masculine-like courage,
Through it i have drawn the strength to break all barriers and bondage,
Though hope may burst miserably like soap bubbles,
Her smile knits all family loops and eases all troubles.
She is strong and full of victory like an African lioness,
Always devoting herself with the affection of a tigress,
She exhausts herslf that we might find rest,
To us she has bequeathed nothing short of her best.
Though beauty may have given into maturity and age,
Her smile has never betrayed her intened message,
The word love has a particular reasonance in her,
One that lasts and cannot be captured in pictures or words but through her,
I've nested in her protective shed now i am ready to endeavour,
Against strong winds my wings may fail but her lessons of life give me more vigour.
She had the patience of an alchemist and through the years i turned to gold,
She committed to something greater than self- life devoted to God.
Just like the sun its maridean glory; far though it maybe but gives warmth and life,
I contemplate on her warmth the only tangible aspect of my life,
OHH the pain of loosing her furtively gores my hope,
Until the end of time
Diluted in me is Susan Vengesa

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