Monday, June 25, 2012


She dug into the dirt of my life
And she was the alchemist to the diamonds of my soul
She will always be the Taj Mahal in my life
Reminding me that with love things will be alright
She taught me the art of contentment
That not every seed i saw will grow
But its those that sprout that matter
She helped me appreciate the beautiful aspects about life
Essential qualities to becoming a social being
She showed me why the comfort zone
Though pleasant, will never make me grow
She beaquathed the greatest happiness every soul seeks
That is the conviction you are loved no matter how the world looks at you
She read with me the greatest book written for man; The book of Love
For in the days of her life love is all she knew
She stepped out of the way that i might risk the fall
Through it i learnt  courage is fear that has said its prayers
She spoke with candour always
And i learnt that the truth is not always beautiful
But the quest for truth is
She shared tears of joy sometimes of pain
And with every drop that fell i learnt a rainbow always follows rain
She planted deep rooted secrets in me
And with the test of time its our hearts that remaind stronger
She laughed with me, her smile, her puffed cheecks, always site to see
And each time ther was always twice the fun
She prepared and nurtured my manhood always anointing me with prayer
Today i am the man that i am because she was The woman
The woman who spoke up, embraced lifes challenges with strong arms
Without her life would have been so meaningless

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