Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This is to my unborn child to let you know I love you,
I have so much to say but I'll let my thoughts blossom as you grow,
I'm ready to hold those tiny curling hands soft like rose petals,
Lift you from your cradle and inhale the redolence from your birth,
You are born to us in love and with love you will always be surrounded,
These arms will keep you safe and will never grow weary of providing, 
Oh! I'm ready to listen to your brave little heart beat with life,
And those late night cries for my love, affection and caresses,
I'm ready to bequeath the history of our people so you know who you are,
The blood of Shaka runs in our veins I see the warrior in you with every little breath ,
We have the imprint of a Cheetah and hunt with the guidance of the Bateleur Eagle,
The winds will always be on your back though nothing will ever be promised,
I'll set you on the right path but love you enough to let you make your own mistakes,
I'll be the father that I never had and as the years grow by I'll be your best friend,
That has been my mission from the day you were conceived,
My pursuit of happiness is knowing you will have a better life than I did,
I am a solider and I will lay my life on the front-line for you to have that life,
So I'm writing these words in case I do not rise with the rising sun,
That you may turn to this Oasis of love and find peace and comfort

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Imprisoned in the castle of my skin so I made a collect call to God,
But everything seems to remain the same or maybe I'm just insane,
Clutching cold realities and nightmares I'm George Stinney on death-row,
I'm seeking emancipation from the fear etched on my innocence,
But I'm lost in a matrix reciting verses from a childhood book of tricks,
Perhaps I could crawl out of  my skin and find my consciousness,
And emerge into existence from the abyss of my familiarity,
I'm on a quest to find myself but they found me first and they found me guilty,
In a room with unfamiliar faces they asked me if I was Guilty,
I said that I wasn't I said that I was George, I've been George since birth,
I'm George Stinney I said, I was nurtured to get on my knees and pray,
But when I natured I opened my eyes I was on my knees and the prey,
I wish I could clamber up these walls like a Maypop and find my way home,
But I am George Stinney, for skittles and ice tea I lost my life,
I never stood a chance because of my baggy pants and hoodie,
I'm George Stinney, I fell into a coma while in police custody and I never woke up,
I am George Stinney, I was pulled over and murdered because I fit the description,
I am George Stinney, when you only identify me by the color of my skin.