Monday, June 25, 2012


What we dream is what we own
What we own is what we achieved
What we achieve is what we love
What we love is what we become
What we become is what we treasure
What we treasure is what we live for
What we live for is what we have

How well we have is how well we give
How well we give is how well we believe
How well we believe is how well we speak
How well we speak is how well we impart
How well impart is how well we seed
How well we seed is how well we grow
How well we grow is how well we share

When we share we learn to care
When we care we learn to forgive
When we forgive we learn to unite
When we unite we learn to build
When we build we learn to understand
When we understand we learn to love
When we love we learn to inspire

Inspiration can become our tears
Tears may become our fears
Fears may become our strengths
Strengths may become our trials
Trials may become our victories
Victories may become our testimonies
Testimonies beyond a doubt become who we are

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