Monday, June 25, 2012


A life filled with abandonment,
A past i cannot trace the roots,
The present that is never pleasant,
A future blurred in uncertainties,
A mother i never had but lost when i was five,
A father who never cared though he was alive,

The whispers that silence my joy,
The hope that dies a still birth,
A life never certain led behind an iron curtain,
The love that i gave received the mushroom treatment,
The sweat that cooled my toil never was good enough,
The pang of isolation that nurtured a dwarf,

A home for me that never sang the psalm,
My pointless collection of body parts,
My shadow a walking contradiction,
I'm feeling lost and uprooted to those i love the most,
My desperation to belong a harrowing thought,
My emptiness that has no title,
My emotions uncertain like the end of a rifle,

I'm sold to this void and my heart fails in its cold,
I don't think i will have dignity in death,
I don't believe I've gained an identity from my birth,
I'm sorry i was never what you expected me to be,
I'm the story of a wondering bee,
May God excuse the misuse of his breath of life,
But the goad i experienced nurtured me to die by the knife,

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