Monday, June 25, 2012


Let it rain let it drip, but i will never let it slip
Raise and crack ya whip, i'm building muscle i'm not weak
I slave for you in the day, and map out my path to freedom while you lay
All eyes on me i'm a child of God, black is the pride of my skin so i carry a piston rod
My race my condition my existence, i'm a mance to society rich folks brand me a nuisance
Until i receive respect  my mind is an art of war, baggy pants and bandanas always toe-toe with the law
What else can a brotha do, the system is a set-up gotta survive for me and my crew
The good die misunderstood and young, so the event of my demise beacons from the barrell of a gun
I can't excuse the life of sin, but do not cast me your stones you don't know where i've been
If struggles make a man i guess i'm an army, i must be raising hell coz these demons just swarm me
No meat in my pot i'm a vegan, serve nothing but soul food i'll be the last motherfucker breathin'
On an Obama set of mind "Yes I Can", gettin goals accomplished while enemies fail like John McCain
I keep the family close and map out the rules, can't trust friends these days everyone's just a pack of wolves
When its all said and done if i suck, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK

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