Wednesday, October 15, 2014


What is love? The fool says there is no love
Love? Is it a word? A deed perhaps? Or just a figment of the imagination?
What is love asks the battered and docile?
Praying in corners to blend into the darkness and disappear
Off-springs under their bruised wings in fear, in fear of love
Love is home a heavy odor of maleness tottering loutishly up the stair case
Stupor on the day's sorrows his tomorrow dawns with "I love you"

What is love? The fool says there is no love
Love? is it a weapon? An opium perhaps? Or just a mutation of slavery?
What is love asks a generation of the young and piqued?
As they fill cells and graves instead of classrooms and offices
But who cares for a generation of disposable people?
Love is pointing fingers with one hand and handing out guns with the other
"Its your constitutional right" blurts his foul breath and "I love you"

What is the story of love? The fool says he has never heard of love
Love? is it a religion? A radical belief perhaps? Or just a fairy tale?
What is love asks the seeking and heartbroken?
Hear their wails from the winged portents in the wind
Ghouls of armed phalanxes maim over skulls laid strewn in the rain
Love is in a blithe disregard for life his anchorage is mental slavery
Place a price on what is life, your soul to be sold to the merchants with "I love you"

What is love i ask? am i a fool to say there is no love?