Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I wanna wake up and not know where I'm going
Without a sense of direction or purpose like the wind blowing
Free from burdens of yesterday without care for where I will lay
To defy those in high seats and rediscover my own existence
Empower my will to live not to just survive in the shadow of pretense
So I can soar like an eagle That I may rise above that which is evil

I wanna wake up to the untamed stubbornness of Bucephalus
Wild and free as the earth bows in utmost novenas
My name to live on every tongue long after the death knell has but rung
That my soul be freed from the shackles of death and the jaws of the grave
A champion of fate, a black panther, for I am he who is brave
I wanna wake up and not know where I am going


  1. Keep writing ! In love with your work, maybe you were born to be a writer, not an accountant ��