Thursday, January 19, 2017


I guess it didn't turn out like I painted,
I'm not sure if it's the brush or the paper that's tainted,
It seems like I've been pouring my soul into broken roots,
That's my explanation why this tree doesn't bear any fruits,

But I keep pouring into these broken roots,
Trying to resurrect something and remain resolute, 
So I return and stare at these blank pages,
With the weight on my shoulders pushing me over life's edges,

I'm not too surprised that these figments of suicide exist,
When you're gone you need a way out like a highway exit,
Can't seem to remember where I'm going without forgetting who I am,
Damn, Line-up the firing squad and let them take aim,

I'll pour concrete over these broken roots when the sun goes to sleep,
Slaughter this tree as if it where an outcasted sheep,
And I'll make a pyre out of it for all the foliage,
Then I wouldn't have to answer any questions about these broken roots.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I'm like Kyrie Irving against Golden State,
When i'm on the court the best in you takes a seat,
I will win every time not because of talent but tenacity,
Even  when i loose i win because i'm never out of the fight,
I refuse to quit or give in to the tiredness of my flesh,
I'll make a name for myself because i do what i do best,
My weakness is better than your strength and not by might,
So come on and give me the best you can like the others before you,


Tell me why is there so much sorrow in people's lives today
The violence, the hatred, the deception, the greed; maggots of moral decay
From the bare footed child solider to the commander in office
Children carry guns instead of books yet selective blindness pays no notice
Pays no notice to the over-packed jail cells staled with foul odor like slave ships
Who is the captain of this ship? a tempest is upon us, wake him from whence he sleeps

Monday, January 9, 2017


Good morning how are you? with a smile you say,
Your fangs beneath that Cheshire grin thirst for blood,
Masked in deceitfulness you wait for my stumble and fall,
You slither in my presence as if the day was night,
And you words carry more venom than Medusa's hair,
I shiver at the sight of your tongue and I'm unsure of myself,
You want me to sink into the coldness of my shadow hoping it will swallow me,
But like a child learning to walk still i rise.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I feel like i'm in a furnace,
The harder i try and escape the hotter it gets,
I'm not sure if it's the heat, the sweat or the tears
that is melting me in the castle of my skin

My life of uncertainty pregnant with regret,
This inferno seeks to devour my soul,
But they say its just in my mind,
While they serve my sorrows at their fancy tables,

The eye of the fire has imprinted itself on my being,
A phantom from hell or a phoenix out of it i will rise,
I don't need your medicine my insanity is my consciousness,
I'm not peeking through key holes i'm tired of trying to fit in,

Monday, January 2, 2017


So lost in love blinded by fear,
I get lost in these words you'll never hear,
You look my way,smile, and you disappear,
Then i get lost like a hunter without his spear.

I get lost in my amazement of you like gazing upon a star,
How could you be so close yet so very far,
I'm lost in the aura that makes you who you are,
Oh won't you stay with me and be my star.