Monday, February 13, 2017


I am who I am because I am,
I do not compete I dominate,
Never out of the fight never loose aim,
Those who stand in my way I eliminate.
I accept that I'm expected to fail,
but my heart is stronger than my bones,
and my mind will carry my body past any ail.
Though I may stumble over these stones,
I refuse to fall. I'll never acknowledge defeat,
because I believe where others succumb.
Belief will carry me through when my feet
cannot carry on. I'll conquer anything I'll come
across. I am not a champion because of victory.
I'm a champion because of the hunger inside,
I'm a champion because I know I am. History
will remember my name. Some call it pride,
because they do not understand me. But I seek
not validation, no mortals will define me. I will
write my own praises. Today is the day I speak
into existence my success not tomorrow. I will
gladly die on my field of battle. I refuse to understand
defeat or surrender, neither will I let my comrades down.
I'll pluck the heart of their enemies with my hand,
I am who I am and I do not need a crown.
I will show you how great I AM.

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