Thursday, February 2, 2017


In the land of the free we still identify ourselves as "N****S",
For diamonds and gold chains my brothers sell the slur,
We've forgotten who we are and accept the slanderer's mirage of ourselves,
Blurred from the truth because of ignorance we're sold to mental slavery,
And its the blood of the Trayvon Martins on these concrete pavements,
Our history is made a mockery of and auctioned through Hollywood,
Stolen legacies and altered history books to brainwash naked minds,
But who cares for a generation of erasable people in the land of the free,
Too many of us are slumbering to the American Dream,
There's not enough of us awoken to the American Reality,
Under the auspices of the wealthy they're still taking land from the indigenous,
The distorted ideologies that have formed systems of control,
They say it's in our veins to be violent and hate ourselves,
Forgetting we were conceived in the night from the semen of the slave master,
Now bastards stripped of an identity still carrying the Massa's last name,
The system is a set-up, they handout welfare to keep us dependent,
Centuries of taxation yet the politicians talk about government debt,
Land of the free built on scares on the backs of undocumented laborers,
They say this is the past but it isn't because we're still getting manipulated,
Over 300 years of slavery yet we are still dying because we "fit the description",
Blood soaked spectacles for their entertainment by uniformed gladiators,
Whose occupation is valued more than the lives they sworn to protect,
When we rise up and stick our heads out for some air of respect,
Our voices are smothered from within us like Eric Garner,
And we're expected to seek justice from a prejudiced jury,
The verdict was passed before the trial, guilty and black as charged,
The law was never written to have us acquitted in the land of the free,
So they imprison us to their religion and schools to condition our acceptance,
We can never be truly free until a generation of consciousness rises,
And the education that we receive imparts self awareness,
Because the greatest crime in the land of the free is mental genocide,

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  1. Wow, wow , wow! You did it agian! Tina this is awesome!!!!!!!!

    So much truth & wisdom. I'm telling you, you have to much wisdom for all of these to not go viral!