Monday, March 6, 2017


I'll be the tear of joy in your life,
To dwell forever in your eyes,
And walk the path on your cheeks,
I'd romance always only on your lips,
There I'll generate for you a more spiritual sense of intimacy.

I'll be emotionally yours for as long as you allow me to,
I'd never rely on words to strength this bond between us,
No would I ever forsake you for whatever else the world has to offer,
For nothing can uproot the flowers of my affection for you,
Flowers that may not always be wrapped in the perfect ways,
But they'd always lighten your countenance,

I'll be your friend and confidant never will I stand above you,
And you'll always hold my hand in sweet confidence,
We'll feed on each others affection and draw strength from our intimacies,
And we'll never be in need of amusement outside of each other,
I'll be the man that God desires me to be in your life,

I'll be honored to ask you for your hand in marriage,
A vow I will never take for granted,
Our marriage will be your protection and my strength,
And I'll do everything in my power to always bring you happiness,
That when we're blessed to become parents,
Our children will be nurtured in love,

I'll be the one you will always want to run to,
In this life that has heartache and pain,
You will always feel secure in my warm embrace,
The world will know you're a woman loved form your smile,
They will talk about our love long after our hearts stop beating,
If I was your man I'd never want for anything.

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