Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Thinking of you
A dark cloud on my lonely mind shadows the days I spend alone The Eden of bliss you nurtured inside me now turns to stone In your absence, a brooding need for your warmth grows colder The hour, the calendar, all seem to be making me older I’ve held ample tears over and over till my eyes they’ve blind Some topple and mar my countenance but it pains most in my mind My other senses grow imperfect because of my eyes’ anguish I am an emotional wreck, a ruined piece of nature living to perish
Nights so long and cold now I gradually understand that an autumn Has passed. I snuggled in the blanket of your beauty, now it’s all torn. My emotions, swirls of wind like a cyclone, injure my heart with rages of reminiscent storms. In the poverty of loneliness, misery is my wages

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