Tuesday, September 17, 2013


ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME so ITS ME AGAINST THE WORLD, MANY MEN plot my demise as I STARE THROUGH MY REAR-VIEW but I'M NOT AFRAID. All I need is ONE MIC, one opportunity, and in that MOMENT OF LIFE I will PICK THE WORLD. I'VE BEEN THROUGH THE WIRE if you can fathom that. Though nothing can compare to when I lost my DEAR MAMA a pain that violently runs vein deep I have nothing but SUICIDAL THOUGHTS and in my penniless pocket a LETTER TO MY UNBORN CHILD. Do you know what it feels like when you're about to LOOSE YOURSELF? To want to cry but the tears won't come? even when you have BETTER DAYS you get a knife and you just want to cut yourself, release some of the pressure that has become an abscesses, but it seems no one understands your GHETTO GOSPEL. AIN'T NO SUNSHINE just darkness and sniffles ON MY BLOCK while the watchers watch and the system harasses but still they have no clue WHO WE BE. It's hard to KEEP YOUR HEAD UP while walking down these streets, I learnt to SMILE to keep from being smothered  by my own pain. But the battle wages on for me step by step, heart to heart, even though I'm battle torn I try not to show it like a TOY SOLIDER. I've to keep on walking,meditating as I continue to grow ONE DAY AT A TIME though its hard to carry on and I know the future may not hold any CHANGES. I am not alone on these streets, I've travelled with travelers, young and old of different races. We have shared our struggles, we lost some loved ones on this hard road we travelled, we have reached heights but mostly loosing ground, but the  journey continues on until we reach THE ROAD TO ZION. At this point in MY LIFE have to save my soul, I've made to many sacrifices it seems, but I'm always at war with my shadow at every CROSSROAD.

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