Thursday, September 19, 2013


                                        THE  VOW

I vow on this day, before God and man, to love you unselfishly 
To love you for who you are and not who I want you to be
I'll be your strength, your help, your comfort, your companion
I will be this and everything that love demands of me
That you may find warmth in my arms and always call it home
I vow to cherish our differences, to agree to disagree
To speak candidly when it's need and to share the silence too
I'll dream with you- dreams only we will share
I will stand by you, the man I am, and help you love life
That you may fill all the days of your life with happiness
I vow to love, cherish and honor you the cherub of my universe
To quench my thirst only from the waters of your fountain
I'll be devoted to this vow and honor its sacredness 
I will wake and it shall be my guide, my commandment to your heart
That I may be reminded of how God, on this day, has favored me
I vow, above all, to love you my love.

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