Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Its unforgettable how I found love on the very first sight,
I did not know it then as much as I do now, right now,
I told myself I knew better than to fall so emotionally,
But you are so unforgettable with your beautiful eyebrows,

I've stumbled for love before but I've never fallen,
Many a pretty faces I've seen but none equal yours,
Never met a woman with so much beauty and elegance,
And everything about you rests well with my heart its unforgettable,

That smile of yours blossoms the beauty that's within you,
Your beautiful brown skin enameled like gold is my treasure,
You look my way and your imprint is unforgettable,
Love might not be for me, but this, this here is unforgettable,

I've waited a life time to meet you and I'd wait another if I had to,
It wouldn't be as hard because I'd remember how it was meeting you,
I'd remember, this I'm sure, how could I not? you are so unforgettable,
You are so beautiful because beauty is you, my unforgettable.