Sunday, June 25, 2017


I'am always trying to catch up like the hour hand,
Though I'm not sure what I'm even rushing for,
Always in a hurry just to return to the same place,
Constantly pacing through dreams while I'm wide awake,
I tried to reach out to reality but my hands can only find the bottle,
Now the devils venom is in my bloodstream not enough though,
So I'm drifting away into this emptiness of voices and prayers,
I don't want to hear them anymore but its hard when the soul is deep,
And you have dug your own grave with thoughts void of life,
I don't know.
I'm somewhere between not wanting to live and wanting to die,
Or perhaps its the other way around but from where I am I couldn't tell you,
I carry this weight consciously like the pigment of my skin,
It seems heavier lately more than it used to this I know,
Hunched back with frustrations and tears that quietly fall,
I'm still trying to find my way without taking the easy way out,
But the man in the mirror has me trapped in a sunken place,
I feel incomplete somewhere inside and I can't escape from this emptiness,
So here comes that man, something in his eyes telling me it's time go,
I don't know.

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