Sunday, May 12, 2013


I haven't flashed a smile in a long while,
Like an unexpected pregnancy i need a way out,
Impregnated to insanity by a semen rich with suicidal fantasies,
I'm pacing in the room, fighting mirrors  for i can't face my realities,

Shadows of my past bring daymares so i constantly fist fight against the wall,
Stupor on yesterdays sorrows numbed to today's pain,
Am i a dead man walking? Am i just plain psychotic?
Feels like I am in a war and the battle has become apocalyptic

I'm sick inside without a sense of feeling,
I wounder whats worse living after you die or dying while you're still living?
My mind is a delirium though realty's walls are closing in like a cyclone,
Open the suicidal doors its my life my demise shall be my song,

Perhaps i will matter as i lay in that casket,
Eulogies and tears the epitaph of my existence,
Hope beyond the grave as they lay these cemented stones,
In peace after tempest storms shall rest these restless bones,

So i relocate to the cemetery in the heart of the night,
Angels and demons at war for a demented seeking soul,
Shackles of uncertainty bind me eternally to a long known fate,
These thoughts,these empty harrowing thoughts, a naked minds bait

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